Addiction and Depression Treatment: Dual Diagnosis Rehab

Addiction and Depression Treatment: Dual Diagnosis Rehab

Did you know that more than half of the individuals that seek drug addiction treatment also need treatment for depression? Many of these patients discover through treatment that they have other mental illnesses as well. Because of the large amount of people who need drug and mental health treatment concurrently, dual diagnosis rehab programs have been implemented into drug addiction treatment. The Wellness Retreat Recover Center incorporates dual diagnosis rehab for individuals that are struggling with both depression and drug or alcohol addiction.

What is Depression?

Depression is the leading disability amongst Americans to date. It is a mental illness that debilitates a person to the point that they cannot function properly. Anyone can feel the weight of a bad mood or terrible circumstance, but depression is a daily state of being that can last years if not treated. Depression is damaging to health as it can lower the functionality of the immune system, making it easier for the body to get sick. Also, it makes daily tasks nearly impossible. Common symptoms of depression include:

  • Decrease in interests
  • Sleeping too much or too little
  • Gain or loss of weight
  • Inability to focus
  • Thoughts of harming others or self
  • Feelings of inadequacy and hopelessness

Depression and Addiction Combined

While depression is a terrifying illness, adding addiction to the mix doesn’t make it any easier. Depression can stem from addiction just as addiction can stem from depression. Everyone’s addiction and mental illness journeys are different, each driven by either psychological, genetic, biological, environmental, or situational factors. The point of treatment is to recognize the causing factors of the mental illness and addiction in each individual that needs help. Once driving causes are determined, the individual can start to heal in recovery.

Depression, Addiction, and Dual Diagnosis Rehab

Dual diagnosis rehab is a fairly new concept that is now offered at many drug treatment institutions across the nation, due to the high amount of addicted individuals who also live with mental illness. Treatment involves monitored medication plans and intensive group and individualized therapy sessions. It is best to treat the two together as they work hand in hand with each other. Your depression may play on our addiction, and your addiction may also play on your depression. Since they live off of one another, it is best to manage them simultaneously. Treatment for both gives an individual the best opportunity for successful long-term recovery and improved overall well-being.

If you or a loved one is struggling with both addiction and depression or other mental illness, help is available 24/7 at The Wellness Retreat Recovery Center. We understand the impact that mental illness and addiction can have on an individual and their family, which is why we offer a number of different programs and services. Our dual diagnosis rehab programs are offered to all that need a mental illness diagnosis and medical help as well as addiction treatment. Call us today for a confidential conversation at 1-855-762-3797.