Here’s Some Info About The Drug and Alcohol Detox Process

Here’s Some Info About The Drug and Alcohol Detox Process

At Wellness Retreat Recovery Center (WRRC), we know that it isn’t usually easy to recover from an addiction. We also know that it’s especially hard when the person in recovery doesn’t take all of the necessary steps. One of the most dangerous things to do when you want to stop addiction in your life is to go “cold turkey”. Simply ending substance use can cause major withdrawal symptoms and health problems. These can combine to cause serious or even fatal results. So, it’s absolutely important to take the first step towards recovery: drug and alcohol detox.

What Is a Drug and Alcohol Detox?

Often, people think of detoxes as simply clearing out the system. When a person goes on a detox for health reasons, he or she might drink certain juices. These beverages are designed to help clear the body of any toxins or excess fats. But, people normally return to their eating habits after their detox process. They may slightly alter their diets or habits. But, they will probably still eat similar items. A drug and alcohol detox is different than this. This kind of a detox isn’t meant to just clear the body for a few weeks or months. A drug and alcohol detox is only the first step of a journey to complete recovery.

While going through the drug and alcohol detox process, the person will receive inpatient care. The detox is done to help people end substance use without having to suffer from withdrawal. Through treatment, the intensity of the symptoms will decrease. This, in turn, helps the person to feel less need to feed any possible cravings for the substance. Drug and alcohol detox helps to stabilize the condition of the client’s health. After an individual has completed this process, he or she can have a more smooth transition into addiction treatment.

The Benefits of Detoxing at WRRC

As we mentioned a little earlier, immediately stopping substance use can be very harmful. Going through a drug and alcohol detox can eliminate

those dangers. The drug and alcohol detox program at WRRC is designed to help people lose their dependence on substances. We do this by using a prescription medication, like Suboxone or lorazepam, to block severe withdrawal symptoms. Many people wonder if using medication for detox is effective. They often think that this method is basically replacing one drug with another one. But, this is definitely not the case. The drugs that are used during the medication-assisted drug and alcohol detox are not used in a way which causes addiction. And, each client receives supervision from the professionals within the facility.

Here’s Some Info About The Drug and Alcohol Detox Process

There are some other benefits of going through drug and alcohol detox here at WRRC. After you finish the detox process, you don’t need to seek addiction treatment elsewhere. You can remain a client here at our facility. We offer various therapy methods and treatments. Our main goal is to help people overcome addiction. We know that everyone is different and has unique needs during the recovery process. So, we work to accommodate every individual in our center.
Also, our center provides you with comfort while you go through this process. We know that it’s hard to overcome addiction. So, we meet your hard work with a luxurious and pleasant environment. You may also be able to take advantage of our private and semi-private rooms so you can work through this at your own pace.

If you or someone you know could benefit from our detox program, contact us today! We here at Wellness Retreat Recovery Center understand the challenges of drug and alcohol addiction recovery. And, our mission is to face those challenges with you. Please give us a call and let us walk with you on your journey to freedom.