The Process of Developing Drug and Alcohol Dependence

The Process of Developing Drug and Alcohol Dependence

You might have heard a lot about substance use, abuse, dependence, and addiction. There are plenty of resources out there with information about all of these issues. But, it’s not always easy to know when a person is suffering from any one of these problems. One of the things about which people might be unsure of is drug and alcohol dependence. What exactly is substance dependence? How does a person become dependent on alcohol or drugs? What should you do if you or a loved one suffers from drug and alcohol dependence? We’ll address drug and alcohol dependence and give you a little more information about this substance problem.

What Does it Mean to Have a Dependence Problem?

The Process of Developing Drug and Alcohol DependenceIf you’ve wondered about drug and alcohol dependence and what it means to have a dependency problem, you’re not the only one. A lot of people wonder about this topic. It can be difficult to understand the process of developing a dependence problem. It can also be hard to understand what a loved one or friend may be experiencing when he or she is dealing with a substance problem like this. Some are simply not sure what it means to become dependent on an addictive substance. But, we’ve got some answers for you concerning this issue. First, let’s talk about what “drug and alcohol dependence” means.

To be dependent on something means to feel the need to use it. People who suffer from drug and alcohol dependence rely on those substances. They often feel like they can’t function properly or normally if they don’t drink or use the drug on which they’ve become dependent. It’s because they’re bodies have become used to that substance. When this happens, a person’s body goes into withdrawal if the person goes for a while without using the alcohol or drug. The symptoms of withdrawal can include nausea, vomiting, headaches, and more. So, to avoid experiencing these unpleasant symptoms, people usually feel no choice but to return to substance use.

How Does a Person Become Dependent?

Dependence comes over time. A person doesn’t simply become dependent on drugs or alcohol after using a substance once. Instead, drug and alcohol dependence is built up after a while of using the substance. First, a person who is using a drug or alcohol regularly may begin to develop a tolerance. This means that, after a while of using a substance, a person may begin to get so used to the regular dosage that the amount he or she uses loses its effect. For example, if a person takes medication for pain, the normal amount of pills may not give the individual the same results. As the body grows used to the substance, the drug will no longer produce the same pain relieving impact. This means the body has built up a tolerance for the substance. After tolerance has increased, the person might take more of the drug in order to get the results he or she is looking for. This constant use of drugs or alcohol can lead to drug and alcohol dependence.

Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Dependence

It’s not easy to live with drug and alcohol dependence. But, there is hope for those who are dealing with it. If you’ve been struggling with substance abuse, you don’t have to struggle alone. You can get the help you need today. All you need to do is contact us here at Wellness Retreat Recovery Center. We can help you to overcome drug and alcohol dependence and give you the tools you need in order to avoid relapse. Call us today and begin your journey to freedom from substance misuse.