Developing Self-Love During and After Drug Rehab

Developing Self-Love During and After Drug Rehab

Love for the self is the most essential component to healing during drug rehab and early recovery. Without an appreciation and love for oneself, how can an addict truly move forward and begin a new way of life? Learning the importance of self-love and how to practice it during drug rehab gives a recovering addict the motivation to continue sobriety long-term.

There are many areas in life that one can practice self-love. These areas are important to identify and work on throughout drug rehab so that after treatment, a recovering addict will be able to recognize and change thoughts or behaviors that are harmful to oneself before they happen.

Developing Physical Self Love

Nutrition: A healthy body is a healthy mind. A healthy mind is a healthy soul. Be sure to get the correct amount of nutrition and incorporate lots of fruits and vegetables into your diet so you are sure to run off of healthy fumes.

Exercise: It has been proven that exercise can reduce levels of stress and help deal with anxiety. Those that exercise daily have an easier time moderating emotions and handling stressful situations. Additionally, exercise helps with weight regulation. A healthy weight will promote self-love during addiction rehabilitation.

Sleep: Getting the proper amount of sleep helps with decision making and emotion management. The average person requires around eight hours of sleep per night to be deemed well rested. Making sure that you get enough sleep is assuring that you will be able to make the right decisions for yourself and able to control emotions.

Developing Emotional Self Love

Self Loving People: If you surround yourself with people who have learned to practice self-love it will motivate you to do the same. Being around positive thoughts and feelings will promote them and vice versa, so make sure that you put the right kind of people in your path.

Boundaries: Many times our relationships define the love we have for ourselves. Maintaining healthy boundaries is imperative for healthy working relationships. Determine your limits so that you can remove any unhealthy relationships that may be damaging to your sense of self-love.

Loosen Up: Realize that addiction recovery is different for everyone. Drug rehab and recovery is not a race or a competition, it’s a self-discovery. Instead of rushing yourself or downplaying your recovery accomplishments, relax and try to enjoy the present moment. If you learn to take it easy on yourself, you won’t feel so guilty when you make a mistake; which is only human. Additionally, the expectations for yourself will not overwhelm you and cause extra stress.

Choosing Self-Love with Drug Rehab

If you are ready to start working on loving yourself once again by way of drug addiction treatment, Wellness Retreat Recovery Center can help. We have multiple programs designed specifically for each individual who recognizes their need for support. Self-love is attainable and there is help available. Love yourself now; enough to accept the help that will get you to the point of daily self-love, acceptance, and recovery. For information on our programs and services, please visit our website or call us at 1-888-738-0692.