Exploring Depression as a Cause of Drug Use and Abuse

Exploring Depression as a Cause of Drug Use and Abuse

The truth about addiction is that it happens for various reasons. And it affects people in various ways. There are many possible underlying causes. So, when it comes to treating drug use and abuse, it’s important to identify and address the main cause of addiction. When you gain this knowledge, you can get the best possible treatment. This is because you would not only be treating the physical addiction problem, but you’d also be able to rid yourself of the causes of drug use and abuse in your life. In other words, it’s not enough to only treat the drug problem. You also need to heal in other areas so that addiction doesn’t become a problem for you anymore. One of the common culprits behind the developing of an addiction problem is depression. Many people who are suffering from a substance abuse issue are also struggling with depression.

Defining Depressive Disorder and Substance Abuse

Exploring Depression as a Cause of Drug Use and Abuse

How are these two issues connected? Although the answer is somewhat simple, in no way is it simple to deal with addiction and depression. It’s difficult to live with this combination. Neither depression nor substance abuse should ever be taken lightly. Having said that, let’s talk a little more in-depth about drug use and abuse as well as depression. Before we discuss the direct correlation between them, we should define them. After all, many people who are dealing with depression or substance misuse are not always sure about what is happening or why. It can be confusing for a person who is dealing with a dependency problem or a mental disorder. It’s difficult for them to understand what they’re feeling and thinking. So, learning more about what depression and addiction are can help people to better understand what it means to struggle with them at the same time.

Also called depressive disorder, depression is a medical illness that affects a person’s emotions and behaviors. It negatively impacts the way a person feels and acts. It’s characterized by a feeling of deep sadness. Many times, people who are living in a state of depression lose interest in things that used to be engaging to them. Depression can be caused by any number of things. Loss, grief, unemployment, and trauma are all possible causes. Addiction is the abuse of and dependence on drugs or alcohol. A person might become addicted to an illicit drug, like heroin. Some people, on the other hand, become dependent on addictive medications or alcohol. Now, let’s discuss the relationship between depression and drug use and abuse.

The Connection Between Addiction and Depression

Often, drug use and abuse are considered to be causes of depression. It’s true that a person may begin to deal with depression because of their substance use habits. But, the opposite can also be true. In many cases, a person who is living with a depressive disorder may develop a substance abuse problem. An individual who is experiencing depression might use alcohol in order to escape from the pain of the disorder. Some people may use prescription drugs in order to treat their depression. Unfortunately, many medications are addictive. So, a person could become dependent on and addicted to their prescription. In these cases, depression actually leads to addiction.

Ending Drug Use and Abuse in Your Life

If you are dealing with the effects of depression and substance abuse, you don’t have to fight alone. You can overcome both of these issues with a little help. Here at Wellness Retreat Recovery Center (WRRC), we work to help our clients get past drug use and abuse as well as any underlying issues. Through our dual diagnosis program, we address addiction and any coexisting conditions, such as depressive disorder. You don’t need to suffer any longer. Get help today by calling us at 888-821-0238.