Cryptocurrency: Recognizing Different Types of Addiction

Cryptocurrency: Recognizing Different Types of Addiction

What do you think about when you hear the word “addiction”? Do you think about drugs like heroin and meth? Does your mind immediately think about alcoholism? It’s true that these are all different types of addiction. But there are more forms of addiction that people fail to consider. And, this lack of recognition sometimes keeps people away from getting the help they may need. Some individuals may not think of their problems as addictions because the term is usually associated with substance abuse. But, behavioral addictions are very real. And they can be harmful if they go untreated. One kind of addiction that you may not have heard of or thought about is an addiction to the buying, selling, and trading of cryptocurrency.

What’s Cryptocurrency?

Many people probably have never heard of cryptocurrency. Or, if they have heard of it, they haven’t thought of it in regards to addiction. Remember, though, that there are many different types of addiction. And, sometimes, addictions come in forms you would never suspect. Some people, however, have formed addictive habits and harmful behaviors without using drugs at all. Some of these individuals have grown addicted to cryptocurrency. This kind of behavioral addiction may require treatment, just like addictive behaviors developed as a result of substance misuse.

So, what exactly is cryptocurrency and how do people become addicted to it? There are a lot of technical terms we could use to describe exactly what it is. But, a simple explanation might be in order. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is exchanged without the use of a centralized network. There’s no central authority, such as the bank, so people can exchange cryptocurrency without a third party involved.

So, Why is Cryptocurrency Addictive?

Cryptocurrency: Recognizing Different Types of AddictionOf all of the different types of addiction, are we sure this is one? Yes, people can certainly be addicted to using cryptocurrency. Think about gambling. Many people purchase a lottery ticket here and there. But, for some people, gambling can be highly addictive. It can alter the way they behave. It can consume their time and money. Similarly, people who are into using cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, can develop harmful and addictive qualities and behaviors.

The market for cryptocurrency fluctuates a lot and requires high risks. So, people who are involved in it often become heavily obsessed with the changes that occur. This kind of behavior is, for some people, a method of getting away from reality. It provides a way out, an escape route. Similarly to how people can start to use drugs or alcohol as a way of escaping from their own issues and emotions.

Additionally, one of the defining characteristics of addiction is that when it brings about negative consequence, the addicted individual continues with addictive behaviors regardless. Those addicted to cryptocurrency may spend all of their money investing in this currency. Plus, time away from responsibilities such as work, school, and family. But, when inevitable consequences come about from these behaviors, an addicted individual may make excuses for their behaviors. And continue with their addictive lifestyle despite the obvious repercussions.

Fighting Different Types of Addiction

There are so many different types of addiction. Some people struggle with substance abuse. Others may deal with addictions to gambling. Many individuals suffer from behavioral addictions. These may include addictions to exercise, eating, shopping, and, yes, cryptocurrency use. It’s also not uncommon for an individual to experience more than one addiction simultaneously.

Since there are so many different types of addiction, there are many different ways to treat these issues. Therapy and treatment for behavioral and physical addictions vary from person to person. This is very important because each individual suffers deals with problems in a unique way. So, treatment has to be performed in a way that will help each individual.

Here at Wellness Retreat Recovery Center (WRRC), we understand that addiction is different for everyone. That’s why we provide various kinds of treatment for the people who come to us for help. If you are struggling with an addiction problem, the first thing you need to do is acknowledge the issue. Then, reach out for help. You can speak with someone you trust about finding the best addiction treatment facility for you. If you think WRRC is the right place for you, contact us today. You can leave a message on our website or give us a call at 888-821-0238.