Choosing the Right California Drug Rehab Programs For You

Choosing the Right California Drug Rehab Programs For You

The Wellness Retreat and Recovery Center, a California drug rehab, specializes in the treatment of addiction in those that wish to rid their lives of addiction. There are many options in rehab, and every person is affected by addiction differently. For these reasons, it is important to understand rehab options so that you have the best idea as to which one will benefit you the most. Before deciding on which California drug rehab to attend, get to know the rehab options available to you.

A California Drug Rehab Can Provide Medication-Assisted Detox

After the initial assessment that clinicians will perform upon arriving at a treatment center – such as Wellness Retreat Recovery’s Northern California alcohol rehab facility – alcohol, and drug detox must commence. This means that the drug that the patient is addicted to must be removed from the body. To do this, the patient must essentially wait it out until the drug is no longer in the bloodstream. Depending on the drug, it can take up to 10 days for a drug to no longer be present in the body. During this detox period, the patient is likely to experience withdrawal symptoms, which are the body’s response to no longer having the recognized and depended upon chemical in its system.

Medication-Assisted Detox is a detox that is overlooked and coordinated by an addiction professional. This includes its many perks compared to performing detox from home. Addiction professionals can monitor a patient’s health and administer medications that help to manage the pain and aggravation of experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

Inpatient Program at a California Drug Rehab

After detox, it is usually suggested that inpatient rehab be the next step for those in recovery. Inpatient rehabilitation is a residential program in which a patient lives and learns to understand the underlying causes of their addiction so that they can remain sober once treatment concludes. It also gives a patient the time to recognize triggers and cravings for their drug of choice and skills to combat these after their treatment stay is over. Additionally and most importantly, inpatient residential programs provide an opportunity for a recovering patient to be away from the life at home in which they associate drug or alcohol use.

Outpatient Program at a California Drug Rehab

Once inpatient treatment is completed, many recovering individuals are simply not ready to assimilate back into their old lives for the fear of relapsing or the lack of resources. In many cases, additional treatment is necessary to continue to stay sober. For these patients and also those that refrain from enrolling in an inpatient residential program, an outpatient treatment program may be best.  Outpatient programs provide the same services that inpatient programs provide like psychotherapy, medication management, and holistic approaches; yet they are not designed into a residential program. These patients attend meetings and therapy on certain schedules so that they can either go to school or work.

Attending a California Drug Rehab for Help with Addiction

If you are interested in enrolling in the programs that the Wellness Retreat and Recovery Center offers, please give us a call at 1-888-738-0692 or contact us on our website. Treatment is successful for those that wish to be free from the jaws of addiction!