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This Problem is Bigger Than Your Family’s Ability to Solve it, but, sobriety starts with addiction intervention. As the loved one of someone struggling with an addiction, you are probably scared, frustrated, confused, and possibly discouraged about your loved one’s future. You may be someone who

Chronic pain is pain that lasts for longer than a period of 12 weeks. This can be caused from injury or long-term illness. This differs from acute pain, which purpose is to alert the body of injury and does not last long-term. Those that suffer

You may be wondering, “how much alcohol is too much?”. More than 3 drinks a day on a regular basis causes harmful effects on the body and mind. Most alcoholics consume more than this on a daily basis. If you are worried that you or

We all have heard of the term ‘intervention’ or have even seen the television show. They are ways for family members and other loved ones to express how they feel about a person’s drug or alcohol addiction and how is affecting everyone’s life negatively. If