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Individuals all around the country are being affected by the opioid epidemic on a daily basis. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIH), anywhere from 26 to 36 million Americans struggle with an opiate addiction. The harmful stigma of addiction keeps many of

Drug and alcohol addiction affect every aspect of life for people who suffer from substance use disorder. Addiction has the capacity to destroy family relationships and friendships, to cause financial ruin, and to create emotional turmoil. The workplace is no different; in fact, drug and

Many people ascribe to the idea that in order to recover from alcoholism or addiction, the individual has to reach what is called “rock bottom”, or a point so low in their addiction that they are willing to do the work to get sober and

My academic pursuits were one of the things that I had to abandon (or at least put on hold) when I reached my rock bottom of addictive behavior and decided to go to treatment for help. In my active addiction and alcoholism, I was unable

Alcohol and cocaine are often used together in party atmospheres. Some people enjoy the feeling of combining the lowered inhibitions and sedation they get from alcohol alongside the stimulant effects of cocaine. However, mixing these two substances is dangerous- the combination of alcohol and cocaine

Untreated, long-term alcoholism can result in a host of negative consequences, from social isolation and unemployment to fatal cirrhosis of the liver. Wet brain syndrome is one of the physical risks of alcoholism that can’t be treated once it has progressed past a certain point.

Everyone knows that AA meetings provide colorful coins for individuals for their time in recovery, but what is the point? Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and any other accomplishment in life is usually celebrated, so why can’t recovery? Many individuals may feel that celebrating stages of recovery

The effects of opiates on individuals who suffer from addiction are significant and dangerous and can include an overdose-related fatality. Most people are aware that using opiates can cause social isolation, addiction, incarceration, health problems, and a host of other devastating conditions. Overdose fatalities in

Aversion therapy has been used as a psychological treatment method for stopping compulsive behaviors since 1932. Aversion therapy also referred to as conversion or reparative therapy is the method of exposing a patient to the object of their obsession at the same time as an

In many treatment facilities, 12 step programs are used to help addicts and alcoholics recover from addiction. While these programs can be helpful for many people, unfortunately, they are often treated as the only solution to active addiction, and there are no 12 step alternatives

A lot of people experiment with alcohol in adolescence or young adulthood. The common image in the media of the college experience is that of twenty-somethings at a frat party, complete with kegs and beer bongs. In many movies and TV shows, this kind of

Since the discovery of mood and mind-altering substances, people have struggled with addiction to drugs and alcohol. Over the years, huge advances have been made in the diagnosis and treatment of alcoholism and addiction, and today individuals who suffer from either has multiple resources to

The opioid addiction epidemic in America has affected every segment of society. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), from 1999-2014, the sale of prescription opioids quadrupled. For many chronic pain management patients, long-term prescription of opiates by their doctors led to

Dual diagnosis treatment programs address substance dependence along with co-occurring diagnoses, such as bipolar disorder, depression, eating disorders, schizophrenia, and many other psychiatric illnesses. Since most alcoholics and addicts suffer from another illness along with their addiction, these facilities are often necessary for effective treatment.

If you have been in alcohol or drug addiction recovery for quite some time, you will agree that there are times where it becomes hard to appreciate being in recovery. This is called the recovery plateau. Much of your success in recovery happened in treatment