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Patience is the ability to handle uncomfortable circumstances without displaying anger. It’s a virtue that takes time, maturity, and practice to develop. For a recovering addict, patience can be especially difficult to develop. Recovery doesn’t happen overnight, and a person needs patience to see the

Did you know that more than half of the individuals that seek drug addiction treatment also need treatment for depression? Many of these patients discover through treatment that they have other mental illnesses as well. Because of the large amount of people who need drug

If you are in recovery for drug or alcohol addiction, you may not think that exercising is an important part of treatment. The reality is that exercise comes with many benefits that are just too good for a recovering addict to pass up. Discovering exercise

Seeming to spring out of thin air, loneliness affects many seeking to gain sobriety with drug abuse treatment. Loneliness may even have been the reason that some have turned to drugs or alcohol. These feelings of detachment and solitude can also sprout from having to

Maintaining sobriety takes much more than refraining from drug or alcohol use. It takes recognizing the underlying problem that caused an individual to seek release from drugs. Also, it takes repairing damaged relationships and implementing lifestyle changes to encourage positive growth without the hindrance of

Deciding to enroll into an addiction treatment center is stressful enough, so managing stress during the duration of your stay is important to the success of your treatment. Early recovery can be extremely stressful for a number of reasons whether it be enduring withdrawal symptoms,

Love for the self is the most essential component to healing during drug rehab and early recovery. Without an appreciation and love for oneself, how can an addict truly move forward and begin a new way of life? Learning the importance of self-love and how

Dual diagnosis is a term used in the addiction recovery industry to define a person that is addicted to a substance and also has a mental illness at the same time. This includes any form of substance abuse and any type of mental illness. It

Addiction recovery is different for everyone. It is a hard process that many people deal with in their own way from meditation to the 12-steps. When you are going through rehab, you are starting your life over for the better. It is important to take