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This may come as a surprise, but nearly 40 million adults in the United States suffer from severe bouts of chronic pain. With the number steadily growing, it’s no wonder that narcotics are in such high demand. However, some of the most prevalent drugs on

A large part of recovering from drug or alcohol addiction is preventing relapse. A relapse occurs when someone returns to their addictive behavior by using drugs or alcohol, but it’s not simply the actual event of picking up a substance- it’s a process that occurs

The leaves on the trees are starting to return, the wildflowers are blooming, and things are looking a lot more green. As the temperature steadily rises and the sun stays out for a little bit longer each day, it can only mean one thing: summer

Marijuana has been legalized in multiple states for medical use. Those in favor cite evidence that medical marijuana can treat a wide range of conditions, from chemotherapy-related nausea to glaucoma. For people in recovery from addiction or alcoholism, it may be tempting to use marijuana,

When some people decide to give up alcohol and drugs and get sober, they also consider quitting cigarettes in order to live a fully healthy life and have a fresh start. There are a lot of different opinions on this decision. Some say that quitting

Mental illness is not a new thing in the addiction world. In fact, almost half of all the individuals who seek treatment for either alcohol or drug addiction have concurring mental health issues. Patients struggling with both OCD and addiction are seen amongst these individuals,

Recovery from substance abuse or use disorder is difficult in its own right, without any additional diagnoses or complicating factors. For patients with a bipolar diagnosis, this recovery process can be even more complex. Studies show that substance abuse often coincides with a bipolar diagnosis;

For patients with chronic conditions that result in terrible pain, opioids are a blessing that brings relief in a time of great suffering. But pain medication is only meant to be used for so long. The intent for opioids as a pain medication is short

Parenting is sometimes overwhelming for anyone that has the experience of being a mother or a father. But, for parents in recovery, parenting can be even more challenging. Parents in recovery have to live with the knowledge of their experience of addiction. This knowledge can

Since addiction is now proven to be a disease that affects the brain, Wellness Retreat Recovery believes in utilizing methods in addiction treatment that take the brain into account. If we do not know how addiction is affecting the brain, how will we know how

For many that develop a drug or alcohol addiction, it stems from a cause of deep-seated traumatic experience. Although many think that dealing with trauma can be risky during addiction treatment, it is vital to include methods of healing from trauma so that a person

No one is going to tell you that getting clean from substance abuse is easy. It is a challenging time where your mind, body, and soul have to work to rediscover a new existence without the control or persuasions of drugs or alcohol. There are

Sleep is vital for the proper function of the body. In drug and alcohol recovery, it may be hard to receive the correct amount of sleep the body needs. This may be caused by withdrawal symptoms and specific changes in your body as it adapts

One of the 12 steps in the infamous 12 step Alcoholics Anonymous program is developing a connection to a higher power or establishing spirituality in life. For many that feel they have been wronged by religion or just have never pictured themselves as being religious, the

Many emotions can affect a person’s progress in substance abuse treatment, but the most damaging is definitely anger. Anger can consume a person’s mind and take their focus off what matters during their treatment stay. There are many reasons for a person struggling with an