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In 2017, close to 20 million Americans struggled with substance abuse, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. When you are taking the steps to become sober, there are many side effects to your health. This is why it is vital to

Anxiety and addiction are a common pair. In fact, almost half the individuals who get help for addiction also need help for a co-occurring disorder. And often, the co-occurring disorder paired with addiction is an anxiety disorder. Since concurring disorders can play a part in

Most people who struggle with addiction don’t want to get help. And even the ones that do may be terrified of what sobriety may bring. This is because they’ve lived so long consumed by the cycle of addiction that they don’t know what sobriety will

Did you know that sleep plays a big part in successful recovery? Without proper sleep scheduling, individuals may be at a higher risk for relapse. This is because a lack of sleep can bring about a number of psychological issues like mood swings. But, individuals

Emotional sobriety is a term coined by the 12-step community. While physical sobriety is the act of not using addictive substances, emotional sobriety is the skill set that aids a person not to utilize addictive substances. Without emotional sobriety, a person will have a very

Addiction comes with its fair share of negative emotions. Before an individual finally comes to terms with the fact that help is needed, he or she is likely to experience a wide range of emotions including shame, anger, and guilt. However, while active addiction is

Addiction affects each individual person differently. Furthermore, the causes of the development of addiction may differ from person to person. However, grief and trauma are two of the most common underlying causes of addiction. To give an example, according to The National Council on Alcohol

During and after treatment for addiction, you will experience a lot of exciting changes in your life! Having a clean slate is really an amazing feeling. You should feel proud of yourself for reaching out for help. It’s not always easy to admit that you

After you go through treatment for addiction, you will find that new challenges will arise. There will be obstacles that you didn’t know you would have to face. You’ll struggle with things in a new way. It will be very important to remember and apply

When it comes to addiction recovery, there are many treatment paths. Different recovery facilities offer various methods of treatment. One treatment method that you may or may not have considered is acupuncture. This is something most people think of in connection with relaxation or pain

Excessive alcohol use has caused many issues in families all over the world. It has impacted people and their loved ones in various ways. Thankfully, there is help and hope for people who want to overcome this problem. But, it takes some time to get

Addiction is a mental health disorder that is commonly paired with others. When a person living with mental health issues isn’t diagnosed or doesn’t have medical help established, they often look to the numbing effects of drugs or alcohol to alleviate symptoms. This, in turn,

Addiction and recovery could be considered as polar opposites. It sometimes seems as though there is a large chasm between the two. How does a person move from a life of addiction into a life of sobriety? For a lot of people, crossing that bridge

Addiction happens to people all over the world and from various walks of life. It’s not confined to a specific age group. It’s not restricted to a certain family type or culture. Addiction can impact any family, any individual, and for any reason. It has

If you’ve been dependent on a substance, you know that it’s not easy to overcome addiction. Sometimes, the very thought of going through detoxification and rehab makes people fearful. The idea of talking about your struggles can make you uncomfortable. It’s overwhelming to think about