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At Wellness Retreat Recovery Center (WRRC), we know that it isn’t usually easy to recover from an addiction. We also know that it’s especially hard when the person in recovery doesn’t take all of the necessary steps. One of the most dangerous things to do

What do you think about when you hear the words “treatment for addiction”? What images come to mind? Maybe you think about a group of people saying, “Hi, my name is such-and-such. And, I’ve struggled with alcoholism.” Or, perhaps you picture a person sitting in

It’s hard to live with addiction. Both the people who are struggling and their families face many challenges as long as addiction continues. But, substance dependence isn’t usually intentional. People who begin to abuse drugs or alcohol don’t do normally do it on purpose. So,

Billions of people are currently living with chronic pain. Millions of those people are right here in the United States. Chronic pain might impact the lower back. It might affect the neck area. Some people, more women than men, deal with chronic pain in the

The fear of detox symptoms can be one of the main things that prevent you from getting sober. Withdrawing from any substances brings with it discomfort, sickness, anxiety, and a whole host of other unpleasant symptoms. Many addicts can’t get through them without relapsing. You

Rehab is only the beginning of getting sober. Maintaining sobriety requires having a solid aftercare plan. Planning for that starts while you are still in inpatient rehab. The more planning you can put into it, the better. It is important not to make the mistake

Many people make the mistake of thinking that prescription medication addiction isn’t possible. After all, if your doctor prescribes it, it must be safe, right? False! There are a number of drugs that are often prescribed that can be extremely addicting. Sadly, many doctors fail

Most people aren’t exactly sure what to think when they hear the term “luxury drug rehab”. Usually, rehab is not a place that you think of as luxurious, rather you are one of the thousands of patients who go through their program and hopefully maintain

If you are a family member of someone addicted to drugs or alcohol, you know what a horrible position it is to be in. Their addiction leaves you confused, anxious, heartbroken, and searching for answers. It is said that addiction is a family disease, and

When you come to rehab, the goal is to get you clean and sober from drugs and alcohol. Also, we want to make sure that your sobriety is long lasting, so we also place a heavy emphasis on relapse prevention, which is more complex than

Have you ever noticed that a lot of people in 12-step groups like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous smoke a lot of cigarettes? If you haven’t, next time take a look around. You’ll notice the same thing in a lot of rehab facilities and anywhere

Drug addiction is infamous for being a lonely experience. Addicts usually keep their problem a secret, and what exposes it is usually a bad event that includes the person hitting their rock bottom. The importance of speaking up about your addiction cannot be understated, in

There is a lot of terminology thrown around when you decide that you are going to rehab. It is important to know what it all means so that you make the best possible choice for you. It is very important to know the difference between

Heroin addiction is something no one can prepare for, especially when it is one of your loved ones who has fallen into heroin’s grasp. The majority of the time, family members have no idea that their son, sister, mother, or husband have becoming addicted to

Having a loved one who is addicted to drugs and alcohol is incredibly scary. It is a helpless feeling and all you want is for them to get better. Unfortunately, if the individual in question is over the age of 18, there is nothing you