Benefits of Yoga in Recovery for Addiction Treatment

Benefits of Yoga in Recovery

Addiction recovery is different for everyone. It is a hard process that many people deal with in their own way from meditation to the 12-steps. When you are going through rehab, you are starting your life over for the better. It is important to take advantage of anything that could be beneficial towards a successful recovery. Yoga may not be for everyone, but it doesn’t hurt to try it out to see if it works, even if you think you won’t like it.

Yoga in Recovery

Sense of Lack

Many people who are struggling with addiction and staying sober will feel a sense of lack in their lives. They feel as if something is missing from them. Addiction is mainly the pursuit of a higher feeling that will never be met.

If you look at the body’s hierarchy of needs, breathing is number one followed by food and water. Yoga is all about the breathing and concentrating. When we are feeling anxious, angry, stressed, or worried our breath becomes shallow. This shallow breathing is sending signals to the nervous system that our main breathing needs are not being met. This is what creates the sense of lack feeling and tension and stress. Being stuck in this pattern can be dangerous from addicts.

Proper Breathing

Breathing well takes practice and focus. In order to breathe deeply, you have to have the proper posture, a developed core musculature and work the lungs and diaphragm. Thoracic incarceration is when people have been breathing poorly for so long that they cannot take a deep breath. Practicing yoga regularly can help with that problem.

Emotional Energy

Addiction can stem from many different scenarios. Many people start an addiction because of a trauma that occurred in their life. Those traumas can bring in negative emotional energy that can still be carried on even after treatment. There are different types of yoga that can be used for rebuilding the body and detoxifying the system. With practice, people who do yoga are able to move their energy around and reach deep inside for it. This type of yoga is why many people stay away from yoga, but they won’t really know if it works until they try it.