What to Do After Your Drug and Alcohol Detox Process is Over

What to Do After Your Drug and Alcohol Detox Process is Over

Recovering from a substance problem can take quite a while. But, it’s not always easy to tell what the process entails. Sometimes, people are uncertain about the recovery process. They may feel a little lost as they go through treatment for recovery. It’s hard to feel at peace when you’re not sure what the next step will be. That’s why it’s important for people in recovery to know a little about the journey as they begin to work through it. Many people might go through drug and alcohol detox first. During this process, people work to overcome substance dependence. But, what happens after that? When detox is over, what is the next step towards recovery from alcohol or drug dependence?

The Drug and Alcohol Detox Process at Wellness Retreat Recovery

When people go through the drug and alcohol detox process, they work to end substance use in their lives. Unfortunately, detoxing can be very uncomfortable. As people stop using a substance they’ve become dependent on, their bodies experience withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can be very difficult to deal with and they are often what causes people to relapse. Withdrawal symptoms might involve body aches, vomiting, nausea, and many more uncomfortable experiences. But, a medication-assisted drug and alcohol detox works to help people through the process. Fortunately, those who go through medication-assisted detox for alcohol and drug use can detox in a much more comfortable way. This is because medications like Suboxone can help to reduce the amount of discomfort a person might feel while going through detox. Drug and alcohol detox takes time. It may take some people longer than others. But, no matter how long it takes an individual to get through the detox phase of treatment, it’s important to realize that the recovery process continues afterward.

Detox is Over. What’s Next?

What to Do After Your Drug and Alcohol Detox Process is OverAfter drug and alcohol detox is done, there are various options to consider. But one of the best routes to take involves inpatient treatment. When you go through drug and alcohol detox, you take the first step towards gaining your independence from substance use. But, alcohol and drug misuse are usually caused by other underlying issues. It’s important to address those issues through treatment so that harmful habits can be eliminated. Inpatient treatment for addiction helps people to understand more about their substance problem. It also allows them the chance to develop healthier habits and thought processes so that they can avoid returning to the things that caused them to struggle with substance use. While you are in residential inpatient treatment, you can benefit from various types of group and individual therapies. This is very helpful for people who are overcoming addiction for many reasons.

Firstly, while in treatment, people can form connections with others who are working towards a sober life. Also, people in recovery can get the help and support they need from the professionals at their recovery center. Thirdly, inpatient treatment allows people to focus on getting better and gaining freedom from addiction without the distractions of life. While they stay at their recovery facility, they can really concentrate on getting better.

Drug and Alcohol Detox at WRRC

Here at Wellness Retreat Recovery Center, we work to help our clients get through the detox and treatment processes. Our mission is to make recovery a reality in the lives of our clients. We know that drug and alcohol detox can be challenging. But, we believe that, with the help of our professional staff, you can truly overcome substance misuse. So, if you are in need of help, just contact us today.