Heroin Addiction Treatment in San Jose, California

heroin addiction

Getting Treatment for Heroin Addiction in San Jose, California

Wellness Retreat Recovery Center’s advanced, 12-step optional holistic approach to heroin addiction rehabilitation is based on personalized care focused on the underlying root factors of addiction. Our clients truly heal because they address the psychological and physical issues underlying their addictions. Additionally, our advanced scientific, evidence-based approach effectively identifies and treats harmful patterns at the center of addictive, negative thinking and behavior. Wellness Retreat Recovery Center clients develop strategies that allow them to overcome self-defeating behaviors for good.

heroin addiction

Heroin Addiction Facts

Heroin is an illicit substance that is classified as an opiate, as it contains chemicals from the poppy plant. Addiction to heroin requires special treatment to ensure long-term sobriety. However, because of the unique brain chemistry that develops as a result of heroin addiction, it can be very difficult for heroin abusers to maintain sobriety. Treatment for heroin addiction must address the physical and psychological cravings as well as the root factors underlying heroin addiction.

Furthermore, treatment for heroin addiction is vitally important, especially because accidental overdoses are a major risk factor for those addicted.

Some opiates can be prescribed as legal over-the-counter painkillers. So, even those who have never struggled with substance abuse issues may suddenly develop an opiate addiction if prescribed opiate medications. Health circumstances arise at some point in most people’s lives that make the use of opiates unavoidable. But, physical tolerance to opiate medications quickly develops and many people require increasingly higher doses. Psychological dependence often follows, trapping people in an escalating cycle of addiction.

Addiction to opiate medication often evolves into heroin addictions when tolerance to the medication develops and the medication no longer produces a “high”. Heroin use is frequently the next step as it’s a cheaper and stronger alternative.

Heroin addiction not only negatively impacts the person who becomes addicted, but also the lives of everyone around them. You have the power to stop letting it. The sooner the problem is acknowledged, the sooner your family will heal.

heroin addiction

Detoxing from Heroin Addiction

If you experience physical withdrawal symptoms as the result of abstinence from heroin, it’s imperative that you seek professional detoxification assistance. It’s very difficult for those who attempt to detox from heroin without professional assistance to remain abstinent throughout the detox period because of the extreme physical side effects of withdrawal. Many alcohol abusers attempt to “handle” detoxification themselves, with dangerous consequences.

Here at Wellness Retreat Recovery Center, our expert physician partners specialize in helping our clients detoxify safely and comfortably. Whether you’re addicted to heroin alone or a combination of heroin and other substances, our physician partners will ensure your detox is crafted to meet your personal needs.

Fortunately, early intervention can save you from the physical, emotional, and social problems that often arise from heroin abuse. We’ll target your treatment to your needs while focusing on the psychological root factors underlying your addiction.

heroin addiction

Helping Your Heroin-Addicted Loved One

If a loved one is struggling with heroin addiction, chances are you’re feeling overwhelmed and even frustrated. Also, the problem has probably become worse and worse, to the point where you know your family must get help for your loved one. In reality, heroin addiction, if left untreated, has the potential to be incredibly dangerous to the brain and body, and can eventually lead to brain damage and even death.

If you feel that your heroin-addicted loved-one will be resistant to treatment, an intervention may be the best way to ensure he/she gets the help he/she desperately needs. Call 888-738-0692 and an Admissions Expert will support you through the entire admissions process whether your loved-one is highly motivated for treatment, or whether your loved one requires an intervention. Furthermore, they will speak with you about your loved one’s specific needs and recommend the most effective course of action. Also, in some cases, our Admissions Expert may request to speak with your loved one directly if he/she feels that there’s a strong possibility your loved-one will agree to treatment without an intervention. Either way, you’ll be an integral part of the process as you know your loved one best.

heroin addiction

Possible Warning Signs of Heroin Addiction

Physical Signs may include:

  • Pupils constricted for four to five hours
  • Shallow breathing
  • Disorientation
  • Sudden neglect of hygiene
  • Weight loss or gain (due to cycles of use and withdrawal)
  • Tremors
  • Stomach and/or muscle cramps
  • Diarrhea
  • Drowsiness or “nodding”
  • “Track” marks or needle marks that leave scars, scabs, or bruises

Financial, Personal, or Legal Troubles:

  • Missing money and/or valuables
  • Constant lying and/or secretiveness
  • Arrests
  • Loss of employment