The Effects of Drug Addiction on Sex and Romantic Relationships

The Effects of Drug Addiction on Sex and Romantic Relationships

Certainly, addiction can lead to a host of negative effects. The effects of drug addiction can range from physical illnesses and organ failure to the loss of finances and even professional careers. But, did you know that the effects of drug addiction can also include changes in sex and relationships?

Addiction can Lower Your Sex Drive

Yes, it’s true. Addiction can actually lower your libido, making it more difficult to sustain healthy relationships with sexual partners. However, many people believe that the use of addictive substances can actually increase libido. While this may be true during the momentary situation in which the desired effects of addictive substances are still present, long term addiction is different.

Many individuals struggling with addiction experience personality changes which include apathy for past passions. This can include the desire to have sex altogether. Additionally, addiction often impacts a person’s emotional state, leading to the challenge of managing emotions. This can also impact an individual’s libido and energy levels, resulting in a lack of sexual desire.

Addiction can Affect Sexual Function

The Effects of Drug Addiction on Sex and Romantic RelationshipsAlong with a lack of libido, addiction can actually affect a person’s ability to function during sex. Specifically, it can cause erectile dysfunction in men. Furthermore, for both men and women alike, addiction can make it harder for the body to reach orgasm. Mostly, individuals who utilize specific substances are at an increased risk for sexual dysfunction. These specific substances include heroin, cocaine, and alcohol. If your drug of choice is either of these substances and you’re having trouble maintaining function during intercourse, it could be due to addiction.

Addiction can Lead to STDs

The risk of contracting STDs increases as individuals engage in using addictive substances. This is due to a few different things. Firstly, many addictive substances are injected via a needle, which, if shared, may spread STDs through blood. Secondly, the use of addictive substances can lead to poor judgment, which can result in unprotected sex. Finally, because of poor judgment that the use of addictive substances can lead to, infidelity can occur with a partner who is a carrier for an STD. In any case, the use of an addictive substance and the development of addiction can certainly increase a person’s chance of testing positive for an STD.

Addiction can Result in Irreparable Relationships

Last but certainly not least, addiction can lead to the loss of a romantic relationship. Whether it’s due to infidelity or other consequences of addiction, losing a relationship is always a challenge. And, can even keep a person in the unceasing cycle of addiction longer. But, a lost relationship doesn’t mean that a person has no hope. It only means that it’s yet another experienced consequence of addictive behaviors. And, that it’s time to begin healing by finding out what a life of recovery entails.

Have you Lost a Relationship Due to Addiction?

Have you already experienced the loss of a relationship, sexual dysfunction, STDs, or any other consequence of addiction? There is hope for a life free of these consequences. If you’re ready to get sober and get your life back on track, Wellness Retreat Recovery Center can help.

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