New Addiction Recovery Resources: Helpful Phone Apps

New Addiction Recovery Resources: Helpful Phone Apps

When it comes to recovery, all help is useful. Thankfully, there’s much of it. Over the years addiction recovery has grown to adopt many ways to provide help. Currently, in this period of technological advancements with the internet and cellular devices, recovery help is ever expanding. While there are various ways to get help throughout recovery, you must determine which ways work best for you. So, if you think that you would utilize the help of a smartphone app as one of your addiction recovery resources, there are some great options to choose from!

12 Steps AA Companion

Although 12 steps participation may not be everyone’s recovery cup of tea, it’s been very helpful to many. Now, there’s a way to keep up with 12 step goals right from your phone or tablet. This helpful application includes options for prayer, recovery contacts, promises, a sobriety calculator and tracker, and even the big book itself. It’s been reviewed on Google over 13 hundred times and is rated 4 ½ stars. Last but not least, this resource doesn’t require an internet connection.

Sober Grid

Throughout recovery, it’s important to keep sober friends who support your substance use free lifestyle. But, potential sober friends may be a challenge to find outside your weekly meetings and recovery community. What if there were a social network for only sober people? Well, now there is! Sober Grid is an app that works much like other social networks, but it helps to connect those in recovery. Additionally, it’s a great resource in times of need because it offers an alert system if you need immediate support.

Sober Time

Boasting a 4.7 rating with over 8,400 reviews, Sober Time is a customizable sobriety tracker and notification application. Some of the features which make it so popular include daily motivational messages, customizable backgrounds, goal achievement notifications, relapse statistics, and an online recovery community. With all of these features, it’s easy to see why so many people in recovery use this app.

Headspace: Guided Meditation & Mindfulness

Although this application isn’t necessarily specifically a recovery application, it can go great lengths in assisting those in recovery. Mindfulness meditation is an exceptional tool for nearly everyone, especially those in recovery. Headspace is a free tool which guides you through a daily schedule of 10-20 minute meditation sessions. It even offers specific meditations which focus to address anxiety, stress, concentration, and sleep. And, it’s incredibly easy to use. Just find a quiet place, plug in your headphones, and let the app lead a peaceful meditation session.


One of the most popular addiction recovery resources you can find in your app store, Cassava is a fantastic addition to self-help efforts. First, it can find you a recovery meeting from anywhere you are in the world because it contains locations and schedules for over 100,000 meeting locations. Second, it can help you keep up with staying healthy by tracking nutrition, activity level, and even mood.

Downloading Smartphone App Addiction Recovery Resources

How to download these helpful addiction recovery resources depends on what type of phone you have. If you have a Samsung, Android, or Google device, you’ll find all of these applications, free to download, in your Google Play Store. If you have an Apple device, these applications can be found in your App Store. Both the Google Play Store and the App Store are already automatically installed applications on your phone. Simply type in the name of the application in the search bar and click download to receive the application to your phone!

Need More than Addiction Recovery Resources?

Self-help tools like smartphone applications are great for people who have been in recovery for years. But, for those who are just looking into getting help, more intensive help may be needed. If you think that you or a loved one may be struggling with addiction, there is help available. At Wellness Retreat Recovery, we offer a once in a lifetime experience to gain your life back from the hold of addiction. Give us a call today at 888-821-0238 to learn more about how we can help!