Addiction Recovery Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

Addiction Recovery Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

Technology has made our lives at lot easier in many ways. Nowadays, people view their cellphone as a way of communication that is an extension of their arm, but for people recovering from substance addiction, it can be a matter of life and death. There is an app for everything now, including ones that can help with addiction and recovery. Here are addiction recovery apps that can make your life a lot easier.

Addiction Recovery Apps

Apps give you the ability to find friends, seek advice, navigate, and more. If you know how to use a smart phone, downloading apps can make your life very beneficial. If you are one of the people who are not tech-savvy, you can always ask a friend for help.

Living Sober

This is an audio app that provides thirty stories about people going through the same obstacles to help you feel like you are not alone. All the stories are from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. These stories will help you build confidence on a day you are feeling down.

12 Steps AA Companion

This app is specially designed for people in Alcoholics Anonymous. It is a great tool for comprehensive sobriety because it has a sobriety calculator and an AA contacts database.

The app cost under $3 and for that small of an investment, your life can become all that much easier. It is a community of people who are there to help whenever you need it.


This app is free and available for both Android and iPhone. It works by sharing helpful hints and ideas from others who are managing their addiction and sobriety. There is a daily message for added inspiration. A feature a lot of people like is that the posts are anonymous, so you can say what you feel without the worry of being judged.

12 Step Speakers

This app is made for people who need inspiration in their daily lives. If you need a motivational speech to start your day, then you will love this app. Anyone can use it that for spiritual reasons or just from a needed pick-me-up throughout the day. It also features user’s anonymity protection.


Recoverize was designed for the people who love to travel. There are members across the world on this app which gives a boost to the global recovery community. Features of this app include 12-step meditation reading and daily track tasks.

There is a social aspect of the app where you can message other users and go in chat rooms to get a better connection with people. This is a great way to help you stay connected in the community.

My Recovery Toolkit

Many people like to take on journaling as a way of self-reflection. This is the perfect app for journaling. You can easily keep track of your thoughts and refer back whenever you feel like it. The journal entries can be anonymous so you can write with an open and honest mind.