Addiction Intervention Can Save A Loved One's Life

Addiction Intervention Can Save A Loved One’s Life

This Problem is Bigger Than Your Family’s Ability to Solve it, but, sobriety starts with addiction intervention.

As the loved one of someone struggling with an addiction, you are probably scared, frustrated, confused, and possibly discouraged about your loved one’s future. You may be someone who is accustomed to having the answers, but who has now encountered a problem you don’t know how to fix. Rest assured, our expert team is here to help. Our 6-client, customized program was designed to provide the personalized services your loved one needs for his/her sustained sobriety.

When someone you love is abusing drugs and/or alcohol it is often terrifying for the entire family. Addiction has become increasingly prevalent around the world, and at some point in time, most families deal with the desperate question- what can we do?

Addiction doesn’t just disappear. Your loved one desperately needs professional help.

Many families end up believing the myth that their addicted loved one must hit “rock bottom” in order to be helped. Unfortunately, rock bottom for many substance abusers means death. It’s vital your addicted loved one is treated before hitting this ultimate bottom.

How Do I Know My Loved-One Needs an Intervention?addiction intervention in california

Our Admissions Team Members will support you through the entire admissions process whether your loved one is highly motivated for treatment, or whether your loved one requires an intervention. They will speak with you about your loved one’s specific needs and recommend the most effective course of action. In some cases, our Admissions Expert may request to speak with your loved one directly if he/she feels that there’s a strong possibility your loved one will agree to treatment without an intervention. Either way, you’ll be an integral part of the process as you know your loved one best.

Wellness Retreat Recovery Center works with some of the most highly regarded interventionists in the substance abuse treatment industry. If an intervention is deemed necessary, we will recommend an interventionist, and work cooperatively with both your family and the interventionist to provide comprehensive and effective pre-admission and admission services. No matter what the situation, we are here to ensure all of your questions and concerns are attended to throughout the pre-admission process, your loved one’s treatment, and beyond.

Intervention & Admission: A Step-by-Step Overview

If it’s determined that Wellness Retreat Recovery Center is the best fit for your loved one’s needs on your initial call to us, we’ll proceed with the insurance verification process (if applicable). If you have not already submitted your loved one’s insurance information online via our Insurance Inquiry Form, we’ll collect it from you at this time. All calls are completely confidential, and we take your privacy very seriously.

The Fine line between Helping and Enabling during Drug Abuse TreatmentOnce your loved one’s insurance is verified, we’ll call you back to discuss coverage and answer your insurance and payment questions.

When you’re ready to proceed, we’ll recommend one or more interventionists whom we feel will generate the best intervention outcome given your loved one’s unique circumstances and personality.

Once you have selected an Interventionist and have picked a target Intervention date we’ll ask that you complete the Pre-Admission Assessment via a 25-35 minute telephone call on behalf of your loved one. The Pre-Admission Assessment is a more extensive questionnaire designed to fully prepare our staff to meet your loved one’s unique needs upon his/her arrival.

After you complete the Pre-Admission Assessment, we’ll collect the treatment deposit, if applicable. In the unlikely event that the intervention is unsuccessful, we’ll immediately refund your deposit.

We’ll then schedule your loved one’s arrival for immediately following the intervention. Finally, we’ll answer any last questions you may have and refer you to our What to Bring to Treatment List so that you may prepare your loved one’s belongings.