The Importance of Accountability during Drug Abuse Treatment

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The Importance of Accountability during Drug Abuse Treatment

During an addict’s time during treatment, accountability plays a vital role in recovery success. Without accountability, an addict will not be able to recognize faults and take responsibility for actions. Accepting accountability in life will provide the tools that one needs to remain sober during and after drug abuse treatment.

The Avoidance of Accountability for Those in Treatment

Many times an addict will use drugs as an excuse for committed behaviors. They also use their drug addiction as a reason to get out of certain scenarios that may make them feel uneasy or an excuse to not deal with certain emotions. Addiction recovery involves facing these behaviors, situations, and emotions head on to begin the process of healing. Taking accountability for these previously ran from difficulties gives a recovering addict the forward motion to becoming the person they need to be to live a sober life. Those avoiding accountability during drug abuse treatment often:

  • Develop an addiction to something different to what they are in treatment for so that excuses can still be made for actions, emotions, and during uncomfortable situations.
  • Don’t accept responsibility for actions while using.
  • Deny any previous drug or alcohol abuse.
  • Can’t accept the severity of the drug problem.
  • Place blame on others when relapse occurs.
  • Avoid important steps to take during drug abuse treatment.
  • Aggravation when recovery doesn’t happen on their preferred schedule and show passive-aggressive behaviors.

Accountability Through Others

The Importance of Accountability during Drug Abuse TreatmentWhen 12 step program for alcoholism is mentioned sponsorship may come to mind. A sponsor is the idea of accountability taken into action in recovery. Having a person to report to will give an addict more means to achieve recovery goals. Additionally, having someone point out where an addict goes wrong when they would otherwise not take accountability is important in recognizing faults during drug abuse treatment. Many treatment facilities will implement sponsorship programs, but if otherwise, it is best to appoint a responsible peer as an accountability partner. An addict and accountability partner can come together to help maintain accountability throughout recovery.

After treatment, accountability is still necessary. If an addict does not have a sponsor or accountability partner, online forums give the chance to be held accountable by others through the internet. There are even online sobriety group meetings and chat rooms available. Addicts should realize that any and all forms of accountability are helpful. Even if they may come in more non-traditional forms.

Seeking Addiction Treatment

If you or someone you know is struggling with drug or alcohol abuse and ready to start taking accountability for addiction, treatment is available. At The Wellness Retreat Recovery Center, we understand that accountability is important for growth and healing during drug abuse treatment. We offer a list of different programs that cater to recovery needs. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the programs that we list on our website please contact us today.