The Staff of Wellness Retreat Recovery

Our Staff

  • Whitney Walker, LMFT

    Clinical Program Manager, Outpatient Services

  • Suzie Baxter, RADT

    Overnight Facility Manager

  • Jenna Recktenwald

    Client Care Technician

  • Annee Delaware, LPT22491, RAS1, CHT, EAF

    Family Therapist

  • Ryan Silva, RADT

    Primary Case Manager

  • Jeni Woodfin, LMFT

    Program Therapist

  • Lesley Rea

    Executive Chef

  • Chris Gunst, LMFT 85043

    Clinical Director

  • Beth Brandt, LMFT

    Program Therapist

  • Lindsey Singleton, CADCIII

    Program Director

  • Gerry Acheta, RADT

    Facility Manager

  • David Pavkovich, RADT

    Client Care Technician

  • Michael Brown, L., Ac.

    Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine

  • Gary Johnson

    Electrical & Maintenance

  • Peter Aimonetti, DBT, WRAP

    Client Care Technician

  • Nikki Geranios, RADT

    Medical Case Manager

  • Lisa Garrido

    Yoga Instructor