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  • Wellness Retreat Recovery created a peaceful, serene, and healing environment that enables our clients to focus on recovery from addiction in comfort.

    We’re so sure our program works, we guarantee our long-term results; Wellness Retreat Recovery Center offers our clients and their families a TREATMENT GUARANTEE so that they’ll have peace of mind knowing we are truly committed to their sobriety.

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Why Wellness Retreat Recovery Center?

Wellness Retreat Recovery Center’s luxury California drug rehab is one of the only rehabs worldwide that offers a treatment guarantee.  Our luxury drug rehab and alcohol rehab program provides intensive one-on-one therapy, cutting-edge clinical and holistic treatments and first-class amenities.  Nestled in the rolling hills of San Jose, our stunning,9,000 square foot estate offers panoramic views of Silicon Valley. Our exclusive program serves just six clients at a time. With our small size and high staff-to-client ratio we are able to implement intensive, effective treatment by customizing treatment to meet each client’s personal needs.

Comprehensive Addiction Treatment at our San Jose Drug Rehab

Our California drug rehab program includes a combination of evidence-based methods proven to help WRRC clients achieve life-long freedom from addiction.

After the initial detox phase is complete, clients are introduced to an extensive variety of the most modern therapeutic techniques including SMART Recovery, Refuge Recovery, CBT, DBT, holistic therapies, and OPTIONAL 12-Step programming. Our program focuses on the root factors underlying addiction which is especially beneficial for those clients struggling with co-occurring disorders such as depression and anxiety.

At Wellness Retreat Recovery, we work with each client to develop a unique treatment track designed to fit their specific, individual needs. With the right steps, anyone can get the proper treatment for their addiction.

If you or someone you know is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, call us now at 1-888-SOBER-WR and one of our dedicated staff members can help start your journey into recovery today.

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Find out what attending drug addiction treatment at The Wellness Retreat Recovery is like and what sets us apart from other treatment centers.

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